Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Our Online Electronics Stores

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Our Online Electronics Stores

Valentine’s Day is officially around the corner…next week to be exact! Have you thought of a gift you want to give to your loved ones to show your love for them? If you are having a difficult time figuring it out, our online electronics stores, Ace Electronix has many different options. For example, our buy ice maker MRP US portable machine is an amazing gift, and we have it in red for the color of love! Continue reading this post to learn more about this useful product.


Why To Buy Ice Maker For Your Loved Ones

portable ice machine


Ice makers are always valuable and useful products. Why? Because they make a ton of ice, which is always needed for drinks. The best part about our MRP US ice maker is that you can take it with you anywhere. This portable product can be carried around to different locations, such as friends houses, events/parties, camping trips, to the beach or park, and more. Always having ice at hand is something you will love and appreciate, and it can be done with this machine. Here are some of its main features:

  1. The ice maker operates at very low noise. Many ice makers work efficiently, but they make a loud noise that can be irritating and frustrating once turned on for a while. That is why ours makes as little noise as possible, so you will barely hear when ice is being formed. If you are hosting a dinner party for example, your guests will not be distracted by the abundance of noise your machine makes.
  2. This machine produces up to 26 pounds of ice PER DAY! Plus, a batch of ice can be made in as little as 6 minutes. This is very important for an ice maker, to know how much ice it is able to make and how long each batch takes. This way, when you are having guests over, if ice runs out you just wait a few minutes until the machine refills itself. Your guests will not be waiting for ice to fill their glasses out of frustration, and they will be amazed at the quickness.
  3. There is no plumbing needed for this item. All you need to do is simply plug it in and add water to it. There should not be any maintenance issues involved with this product, and it should work all on its own.


The MRP US portable ice maker is extremely easy to use. Simply follow the instructions and you should be good to go. We know this would be great for your loved ones as a gift, and you can purchase it from our online electronics stores through Amazon. For just $94.95 and free shipping, you can click here to purchase portable ice maker

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