Best Online Shopping Sites in USA for Electronics

Best Online Shopping Sites in USA for Electronics

Have you been on the hunt for the best online shopping sites in USA for electronics? At Ace Electronix, we carry a wide variety of different products for people of all ages. We are known for having cheap electronics online that are very affordable!  It still is not too late to purchase any last minute Christmas and New Years gifts for someone you care about. Continue reading to find out about some of our popular items you can gift to another.


Popular Cheap Electronics Online


Two of our extremely popular items on our site are the similar but different Koramzi wall mounts for your television. In this post, we will be comparing and contrasting both of the wall mounts, and this could help you decide which one is best for you or for someone you know who is need of one.

Swivel Wall Mount

The first- Our Koramzi Full Motion Swivel Articulating Wall Mount. This mount can fit almost any television that is from 14-55”, and comes with a free 6ft HDMI cable and bubble level! The best part is that it provides a 90 degree swivel, so it can move from left to right if needed. Full motion television mounts are perfect for maximizing comfort. If you have multiple people living at home, you may be experiencing each individual having their own preferences. They could adjust the television to how they want when it is their turn to be in control of viewing. The swivel feature allows you to push the television back or forward, and left to right. You can shop this wall mount through this link for just $28.99 here:×200-400-400-Articulating-KWM1072A/dp/B01MFEMSUU/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1504548714&sr=8-20&keywords=koramzi

Situations Where Full Motion Mounts are Beneficial:


  1. You have sunlight glare on your television and you want to move it up or down
  2. Your furniture/ couches are far away from the television and you have bad eye sight
  3. When other people living at your house are not satisfied with the set TV angles.


Next we will go over our Koramzi Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket. This bracket fits most 32-70” televisions, and includes bubble level and 10 ft. HDMI cable in black. The tilt feature on this wall mount allows you to angle your television at the tilt degree that you want. Many homeowners still have their televisions on a stand or table, which is the more old fashion thing to do. Now, it is all about hanging your flat screens on the wall to make your home look nicer. Tilting it gives your living room or bedroom space much more aesthetic. You can shop this tilt wall mount for just $24.95 here:×400-including-KWM988T/dp/B01M6BB2G1/ref=lp_11746172011_1_10?srs=11746172011&ie=UTF8&qid=1504548448&sr=8-10

Full Motion Wall Mount

Situations Where Tilt Wall Mounts are Beneficial:

  1. To add more appeal to your home- it is trendy and is aesthetically pleasing to guests
  2. It makes sure your TV looks good while sticking out of the wall
  3. You can adjust the tilt to your preference.

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